Planning the mural

This beautiful tile panel of a Wisteria tree covered the area above a large Aga and cooker. The design was created especially at our client’s request and it just shows what can be achieved on tiles! The process was very involved from the start of the commission to the final mural emerging from the kiln.

We started by having lengthy conversations and exchanges of ideas with our client as to what would be most appropriate for the space that was to be tiled. It was established that a design with wisteria and insects was required but that is was to be as simple as possible.

Finishing up

We drew up a few ideas and the final design was arrived at. A scale drawing of the proposed mural was prepared and approved by our client. A base tile was agreed on and work to paint the mural began. The mural took two weeks to paint and two days to pack into the kiln, fire, unload, number and pack ready for delivery to the customer’s house. We await seeing the mural in it’s final home.

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Basic Mural

Bugs & Insects
£30.00 ea
See the full range of bugs & Insects here.

Base Tiles
£90.00 – £160.00 per square metre inc VAT

**Base tiles to be added to the above price
This will depend on the area you are tiling and type of base tile that you choose.

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How to Order your Mural

All our panels are hand painted to order, so they can be adapted to fit a variety of situations. You can choose any of the murals and panels illustrated, which we can adjust or adapt to fit the space that you want to tile.

Alternatively, you can commission us to paint a mural in the subject of your choice. We can work from photographs and pictorial information to create a mural combining as many elements as you want. To order, simply follow the instructions below or just call us on 01608 658993 to discuss your requirements.

  1. Choose the subject for your mural, either from the Mural Collection or from your own imagination!
  2. Measure the area to be tiled. Send this information to us, together with any visual information that may be relevant. Please use the order form or email us at info@tilesofstow.co.uk.
  3. We will send you samples of recommended base tiles for your mural.
  4. When you have chosen your base tiles, we will provide you with a quotation for the tiles, decoration and carriage costs.
  5. On receipt of your deposit, we will send you a scale drawing for your approval. Adjustments can then be made to the composition of your mural if need be.
  6. After you have fully approved the composition, we will paint and fire your mural . If you cannot collect, we will send it to you by overnight insured delivery. The mural is supplied numbered (with removable sticky labels) and accompanied by a plan and full instructions for your tiler. Delivery is usually within 6 weeks from the date of order.