Hand Painted Tile Mural Collection

Maran Cockerels
Geranium Tile Mural
Duck & Fox Slider 2
Cotswold Country Scene Pig 1
Cotswold Country Scene Ducks
Cotswold Country Scene Dogs 1
Cockerel Slider 2
Cockerel Slider 1
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Stunning tile murals designed, hand painted and fired in our Cotswold studios. Choose from our extensive range or commission us to paint you a bespoke mural. The possibilities are endless as we can paint virtually anything onto tiles. You can also choose from a variety of base tiles for your mural to suit the composition of your painting and we will design your composition to fit perfectly into the area that you want to tile.

Click on the images below to see the murals we paint or to see how we paint our tile murals click here.