Wisteria Hand Painted Tile Mural

We have recently completed one of the largest flower panels we have ever painted. The project was long in its conception and took the best part of month to complete. After chatting with the client and suggesting possible compositions and ideas the concept of a trailing wisteria gradually took hold. The client wanted the trunk of the mature shrub included and we thought that this would create a good focal point and make a very pleasing design.

We decided to include some garden birds, butterflies and bees to add extra interest and then completed a scale colour drawing for the client’s approval. The drawing stage is quite lengthy as the design needs to be thought out in a way that works on the size of tiles chosen. Starting a bespoke mural is always a little daunting so we approach it slowly to get a feel for the painting and to achieve a result we are happy with.

See the finished mural here

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