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How to order your tiles

It's very easy to order your tiles

You can either come in to our showroom at Kingham, place your order over the phone or fax, and if you prefer, you can email us. Just follow the steps below.


Decorated, Plain and Mosaic Tiles

Sample tilesDecorated, plain and mosaic tiles can be ordered by phone, fax or email. If you prefer, you are welcome to see our tiles at first hand in our showroom at Kingham. We have a full selection of our range on show and we are happy to give advice as to a tile’s suitability from an aesthetic or practical point of view. Delivery time for decorated motif tiles is usually 4 weeks, while plain tiles and mosaics can be delivered within 2 weeks. You can collect your tiles from our showroom if you wish.





Samples - UK

Sample CardsThe colour reproduction on our website and in our brochure is as accurate as technology allows. However, to be sure of the colour and texture of tile you are buying, we recommend that you order samples of the tiles you are interested in.


Mosaics samples

Mosaic samples cards cost just £3.95 per card inc postage and VAT.


Small size ceramic tile samples

Samples of small size ceramic tiles are charged per tile with a minimum sample pack charge of £3.95 inc. postage and VAT.
Maximum of 5 pieces with free postage. Samples over this amount will incur a courier charge dependant on the weight of the order.


Glass tile samples

Samples of small size glass tiles are charged per tile with a minimum sample pack charge of £3.95 inc. postage and VAT.

Maximum of 5 pieces with free postage. Samples over this amount will incur a courier charge dependant on the weight of the order.


Large tile samples

Large size ceramic/porcelain/glass tiles are charged per tile with the carriage/postage cost calculated on weight - please ask for details.


Mural tile samples

If you are ordering a mural we send out up to 3 cut plain tile samples free of charge.


Please note: All sample charges only cover our costs, and as we send out so many samples, unfortunately we cannot redeem sample costs against an order.


Samples - Europe and the World


There is a minimum sample pack price of £3.95 inc. VAT. All samples are charged as above with cost of postage charged at the current rate.


Ordering a Tile Mural

Mural DrawingAll our panels are hand painted to order, so they can be adapted to fit a variety of situations. You can choose any of the murals and panels illustrated, which we can adjust or adapt to fit the space that you want to tile. Alternatively, you can commission us to paint a mural in the subject of your choice. We can work from photographs and pictorial information to create a mural combining as many elements as you want. To order, simply follow the instructions below or just call us to discuss your requirements.


  • Choose the subject for your mural, either from the catalogue or from your own imagination!
  • Measure the area to be tiled. Send this information to us, together with any visual information that may be relevant.
  • We will send you samples of recommended base tiles for your mural.
  • When you have chosen your base tiles, we will provide you with a quotation for the tiles, decoration and carriage costs.
  • On receipt of your deposit, we will send you a scale drawing for your approval. Adjustments can then be made to the composition of your mural if need be.
  • After you have fully approved the composition, we will paint and fire your mural . If you cannot collect, we will send it to you by overnight insured delivery. The mural is supplied numbered (with removable sticky labels) and accompanied by a plan and full instructions for your tiler. Delivery is usually within 6 weeks from the date of order.

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Tiles of Stow Movies

Making our Tile Murals

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See how we make our unique tiles

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Commissions on tiles

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Client's comments

The tiles that I ordered from you arrived this afternoon. Thank you for your very helpful and amazingly fast service. 
CP - Herts