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Hand Painted Flower Tile Murals - Floral Blooms

Floral Bloom Tiles

Floral Blooms

New to our hand painted collection is a range of nine tile flower-head mural panels. Each one is meticulously shaded to create a three dimentional contemporary effect - and the panels will be available in either simple charcoal or charcoal with a wash of colour.

The Lily and the Rose are the first to be designed - we will be uploading further designs as soon as they have been completed!

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Hand Painted Mural Collection

How to order your Tile Mural

How we paint our tile murals

Prices & Formats

  • 9 tile panel

    £235.00 inc VAT

  • Base Tiles

    £90.00 - £160.00 per square metre inc VAT

  • **Base tiles to be added to the above price
    This will depend on the area you are tiling and type of base tile that you choose.

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  • Highlight your selected tile above and copy & paste into your order or sample request form.

  • Order Line
    01608 658993
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    Plain tiles: Cost of the tile with free postage up to a maximum of 4 samples.

    Decorated tiles: Cost of the tile with free postage up to a maximum of 1 sample.

  • Postage charged on 5 or more samples depending on weight.

  • Minimum sample pack charge: £4.94 inc VAT