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Tiles of Stow in Osaka Japan 2010

2010 was a busy year for us at Tiles of Stow, culminating in our trip to Osaka, Japan in October. We were invited to take part in the Cotswold themed week-long British Fair at the Hankyu Department store, and it proved to be a very lively event.

As well as spending time selling our products at the fair, we did manage to have the opportunity for some site seeing. We had a lovely day taking the train to Kyoto (around a 40 minute journey - all the while hoping we were going in the right direction!), and then a local bus to the Kyomizo Temple on the edge of town. It was a wonderful experience - beautiful Buddists temples, breathtaking views over Kyoto to the mountains beyond and even lovely warm weather! Two very happy tourists!

Seb & Odette in Osaka

The Visit

The Hankyu Department Store

Tiles of Stow's and Mr. Partner's Stand at Hankyu Dept Store
Our Stand at Hankyu Dept Store

Hankyu Department Store is vast, specialising in an array of products including women's fashions (with the men's fashions in a separate building!) over many floors, and exquisitely arranged food halls, where the choice is staggering and everything looks delicious.

The tenth and eleventh floors are dedicated to changing exhibitions - and October sees the much loved British Fair which attracts Anglophile customers from all parts of Japan.

The Cotswold theme for 2010 was a very popular choice and as well as us there were various representatives from our area selling British puddings, Rape seed oil, wonderful bread, cream teas and scones. The mad dash and queues for the scones had to be seen to be believed!

Everybody at the store made all the British exhibitors feel so very welcome - their generousity made it a week to remember!

Mr Partner
Japanese Home Choice Magazine

The "Mr. Partner" Lifestyle magazine

We had been approached in the spring of 2010 by the Japanese publishing company Mr Partner in conjunction with Hankyu Department store and we worked with them on a range of new designs for our tile mats which we felt would appeal to the Japanese public.

Mr Partner's editor Keiko gave us a lot of feedback on our ideas and we worked closely with her and her staff to get the right look for the market. Mr Partner is a very popular lifestyle magazine in Japan with many devoted followers who were eagerly waiting for Keiko and Tiles of Stow (featured in the magazine) to visit the fair.

Keiko Igata, owner of Mr. Partner
Keiko Igata, owner of Mr. Partner

Keiko also loved our Terracotta Plaques and the Impressions tiles and wanted to include these on our stand - so we had our work cut out designing and in production over the summer months. Time was tight but the order was ready to be shipped in August. Sea freight takes around 40 days - we were hoping that there would be no hold ups as the consignment needed to arrive by the end of September in time for the opening on 5th October. Thankfully everything arrived in time and sold like hot cakes (or scones!) to the fair's visitors.


The Products

Tile Mats

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Our tile mats for Japan featured scenes from the Cotwolds - a very popular destination for Japanese tourists who visit Britain.

We were interested to note that they were sold not only as teapot and glass mats but also for purely decorative use as well.

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Terracotta Plaques

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Our Terracotta Plaques have always been popular as gifts for people who love their gardens, and the Japanese loved them too. They were also keen to display them on stands indoors, rather than hanging them on the wall. We later found out that many people were concerned that they might fall and be damaged if an earthquake struck.

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See our Impressions range of Hand Made tiles

Our Impressions were also to be well received, but probably more as individual pieces of art for display in the home than as part of a tiling scheme.

We are keen to introduce the range into the Japanese market and show how it can be used to enhance the kitchen or bathroom - and also how practical as well as beautiful these tiles are!

See our Impressions range of Hand Made tiles

Success Story

Seb & Odette at the Show
Seb & Odette at the Show

We were delighted to have been invited to show our tiles to the Japanese public and were pleased that they were received so well.

So many of the visitors who came to see us were so generous in their praise and enthusiasm - it made our first visit to Japan very special. So - a big thank you to our new Japanese customers and friends!

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The food in Japan was excellent!
The food in Japan was excellent!


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