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Hand Painted Tiles - Painted Patterns - Pendragon

Pattern Tiles - Pendragon


A collection of twelve intricate patterned handpainted tiles which will enhance either a kitchen or bathroom. They are decorated on a matt finish tile and have highlights of lustre glaze which make the surface sparkle.

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Hand Painted Tiles Collection

Prices & Formats

  • All Pattern Motifs

    Square Tile 130x130x10mm (59 pcs per M²)

    £19.00 ea. inc VAT

    All Plain Tiles

    Square Tile 130x130x10mm (59 pcs per M²)

    £1.44 ea. inc VAT

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    Cost of the tile with free postage up to a maximum of 4 samples.

  • Postage charged on 5 or more samples depending on weight.

  • Minimum sample pack charge: £4.95 inc VAT


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