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Hand Painted Tiles - Bugs & Insects

Bugs & Insects

Bugs & Insects

Another timeless range of hand painted wall tiles - Bugs and Insects are an excellent choice on their own or as an accompaniment to other ranges of tiles. We have found that they are good inset into any of the stone, glass or ceramic mosaics featured on this website and of course can be surrounded with coloured tiles of any hue.

Also, don't forget that we can hand paint these onto any of our white or cream wall tiles - just tell us when ordering what size you require. See our plain tiles page for all the formats of tiles we decorate on. See how great our Bugs and Insects are with our Tile Murals

More Hand Painted Flowers, Bugs & Insects

Hand Painted Tiles Collection

Prices & Formats

  • All Motifs

    £18.00 ea inc VAT

  • Base Tile colours:

    Available painted on a variety of base tiles

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    Plain tiles: Cost of the tile with free postage up to a maximum of 4 samples.

    Decorated tiles: Cost of the tile with free postage up to a maximum of 1 sample.

  • Postage charged on 5 or more samples depending on weight.

  • Minimum sample pack charge: £4.94 inc VAT


Hand Painted Flowers, Bugs & Insects

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