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Hand Made Tiles - Stoneware Tile Obelisk

Stoneware Tile Obelisk

Stoneware Tile Obelisk
A new way to decorate your garden

We have been exploring different ways in which we can use our new Glazed Stoneware Tiles. As they are suitable for use outside, we have made the first of our unique garden pieces. It can fulfil a number of functions, either as garden furniture or as a beautiful objet d'art. We are looking forward to creating many more of these ornamental tile sculptures - so watch this space! If you would like to commission a special piece please contact us.

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Prices & Formats

  • Obelisk Shown 130x130x10mm

    £600.00 each

  • Rectangle Tiles 130x130x10mm

    (118 pcs per M²)

    £1.44 each

    £156.24 per M²

  • Square Tiles 130x130x10mm

    (60 pcs per M²)

    £2.60 ea each

    £172.80 per M²

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    Cost of the tile with free postage up to a maximum of 4 samples.

  • Postage charged on 5 or more samples depending on weight.

  • Minimum sample pack charge: £4.95 inc VAT


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