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Tiles of Stow Ltd
Langston Priory Workshops
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Tiles of Stow Studio Workshops

Established in 1988, by Sebastian John and Odette Wells, Tiles of Stow is very much a traditional family business. We started making tiles soon after we were married as way to expand our passion for painting and sculpture.

Our first handmade tile ranges, such as Impressions, continue to be a firm favourite and our hand painted tiles, which include motif tiles, panels and murals are a popular addition to many kitchens and bathrooms.

As artists, we go to enormous lengths to ensure that each of our products are made to the highest standard. The permanence and durability of our tiles is very important to us - we want to be sure that you will enjoy them for years to come.

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Hand paints and Murals

Sebastian and Odette both have art school backgrounds, and so hand painted tiles are an ideal way of using their skills in painting and illustration.

Come and see us work

Mixing glaze

Our workshops are are adjoined to our showroom, and when you visit us you are welcome to take a look around and see how we make our tiles. We use industry standard techniques in our manufacturing, painting and firing, along with a few of our own methods, developed over the last 25 years.





Painting a fish mural

We are always in the middle of working on a design project or painting a mural - we welcome a challenge such as this underwater mural now installed in a hospital recovery area. Click to see more of the project.


Tile Orders

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What we do

Specialist knowledge

Paints and Brushes

We have had over 20 years experience designing, making and decorating tiles, and have undertaken numerous interesting projects - so yours could be next! Let us work with you to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.



Truely Hand Made

Glazing a Dahlia

All our Impressions and Terracotta plaques are completely hand made. From wedging the clay to hand glazing, we do every thing by hand.




Fired in our Kilns

Emptying a kiln of Impressions

All our hand made tiles such as our Impressions ranges are fired at our studio workshops in our very hard-working kilns! We also use our own kilns for the firing of our hand painted tiles and murals.Let us show you the kiln room when you visit - it's the hub of the workshop.



Beautifully Finished

Impressions Dahlia

We pride ourselves on the quality of the glaze finish on our hand made tiles. Many hours are spent formulating the glazes to produce a lustrous and flawless result.


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Tile Collections

MotifsTiles of Stow Decorated Tiles
MosaicsTiles of Stow Mosaics
ImpressionsTiles of Stow Hand Made Impressions
ColourTiles of Stow Tile Colours
MuralsTiles of Stow Hand Painted Tile Murals
Tile GiftsTiles of Stow Tile Gifts
FloorsTiles of Stow Floor Tile Collection
NeutralsTiles of Stow Neutrals
GlassTiles of Stow Terracotta Plaques

Colour en plein air

See more of our latest specially Commissioned project


Tiled Garden Obelisk

See more on our new Stoneware Tiled Obelisk


Tiling the House

See more of our latest specially Commissioned projects


Tiles of Stow Movies

Making our Tile Murals

Making our Tile Murals Movie

Making our Impressions Tiles

Making our Impressions Tiles Movie



See how we make our unique tiles

We've been making the Impressions range for 20 years - our slide show takes you through the making process.




Commissions on tiles

Click to see our Swimming Pool Tile murals

• Swimming Pool • Therapy pool • Baptismal Font • Underwater scene • Birthing Pool

Client's comments

The tiles that I ordered from you arrived this afternoon. Thank you for your very helpful and amazingly fast service. 
CP - Herts